Grants & Researchers


9 Grants Awarded To Researchers At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

  • Chard Snyder Research Grant- Biplab Dasgupta: “One carbon and nucleotide metabolism are novel targets in pediatric tumors”

  • Coho Creative Research Grant- Andrew Volk: “The chromatin assembly complex as a druggable target in pediatric leukemia”

  • Legacy Research Grant in honor of outgoing Board members Amy Wagner, Kristy Moster, Andy Kaiser and Max Flannery- Zhaowei Tu: “Overcoming chemo-resistant RUNX1 mutant AML”

  • Celebration of Champions Research Grant in honor of Gracie Tapp- Marie-Dominque Filippi: “Expositing metabolic vulnerability of pediatric leukemia for developing new therapeutics”

  • ProMach Research Grant- Nancy Ratner: “RAS-specific combination therapies for MPNST”

  • Anthem Research Grant- La Man (Natalie) Wu: “Targeting tumor-initiating stem cell metabolism for MPNSTs”

  • Jersey Mike’s Research Grant- Michael Jordan: “Harnessing insights from immune regulatory diseases to improve CAR-T cell therapy”

  • Paxton’s Grill Golf Outing Research Grant- Frank Huang: “Preclinical treatment with ouabain in matched primary and recurrent medulloblastoma”

  • Butterfly Walk Research Grant in memory of Grant Wolf- Dazhuan Eric Xin, Richard Lu, John Perentesis: “Innovative proton radiotherapy for pediatric malignant medulloblastoma”

10 Grants Awarded To Researchers At Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus

  • Ralph Salloum and Margaret Lazow: “Radionuclide therapy for somatostatin receptor-positive high-grad e central nervous system tumors in children” $50,000 (Margot is currently at CCHMC but moving to NCH on 9/1)

  • Cincinnati Bell Research Grant- Kevin Cassady: “Development and characterization of an IL-27 expressing oncolytic virus with improved anti-glioma activity”

  • TQL Research Grant- Meisam Naeimi Kararoudi: “Engineering CAR-expressing NK cells against nucleolin for childhood cancer therapy”

  • Siddhi Nath Paudel: “Developing a new therapeutic strategy for MPNSTs”

  • John William Sherman: “An epigenetic link to the mitochondria”

  • Maren Cam and Ryan Roberts: “Anchor-induced wound responses in non-osteosarcoma lung metastasis”

  • Emily Theisen: “Tumor spheroid multiomics to assess the impact of epigenetic therapy on tumor heterogeneity”

  • Night for the Fight Research Grant in honor of Top Student Fundraising Eliana Boerner- Jack Tokarsky: “Investigating the influence of mitochondrial dysfunction on the epigenetics and drug resistance in Ewing Sarcoma”

  • Meisam Naeimi Kararoudi: “Designing novel NK cell specific CARs for enhanced antitumor activity”

  • Dawn Chandler: “From RNA vaccines to RNA cancer therapeutics: Targeting cancer cells with RNA”