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We fund childhood cancer research.
Research that holds the promise of finding gentler and more effective treatments for childhood cancer. Why? Because more than 175,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer each year.

We exist because childhood cancer research is critically underfunded, often leaving treatment options limited and unsafe for kids.

Our mission at CancerFree KIDS is to eradicate cancer as a life-threatening disease in children by funding promising research that might otherwise go unfunded.

Less Than

Percentage of federally funded research focused on childhood cancers


Number of FDA approved drugs created specifically to treat pediatric cancer, while hundreds have been created for adults


Percentage of childhood cancer survivors who develop a significant health related issue

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What We Do

CancerFree KIDS invests in innovative pediatric cancer research in its early stages to find gentler and more effective treatments for childhood cancer. 


Raise Funds

We raise funds to fuel our mission through individual donations, recurring monthly donors, sponsors, community and third-party fundraisers and our Signature Events.


Reward Promising Ideas

Pediatric cancer research is severely underfunded. We invest in high-risk, high-reward projects in the early stages of development, where funding is most limited.


Return on Investment

Researchers can secure more funding after an initial grant from CancerFree KIDS. The $9.45 Million CancerFree KIDS has invested in research has resulted in $114 million in subsequent funding.

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About Us

CancerFree KIDS aims to find gentler, more effective childhood cancer treatments by funding innovative research projects in the early stages of development. New ideas need money to grow, yet potential breakthrough treatment methods often go nowhere because pediatric cancer research is drastically underfunded.

CancerFree KIDS provides grants to high-risk/high-reward childhood cancer research projects in these crucial early stages, which allows researchers to prove their concept, secure additional funding, find new treatment therapies and eventually end childhood cancer.

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